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The Islamic world’s second holiest city

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Ashenda Festival

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Gheralta Lodge

Ashenda Festival


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Aksum is a cradle of Ethiopia’s ancient civilization. Located 257 kms North West of Mekelle, the regional capital, Aksum is an exotic tourist destination that offers a unique combination of beguiling history, natural beauty, perfect weather , serene environment and unmatched hospitality.

Truly, Aksum was ahead of its time. Unlike many other states of the time, Aksumites knew how to tame animals, cultivate cereals, mint coins and curve extraordinary obelisks the likes of which are unknown to humankind. They accepted Christianity early on, developed their unique alphabet and created a peculiar system of composing and chanting religious hymns.

Indeed, Aksum was the most inventive state of its time. Shaped and reshaped by profound faith, sophisticated administration, boundless prosperity and artistic and engineering brilliance, Aksum is an ancient Ethiopian city that once shone over the expansive territory that stretches from the fertile highlands of eastern Africa to the barren deserts of southern Arabia. In terms of its sanctity as well as greatness of its empire, Aksum is like Jerusalem and Rome combined. In essence, Aksum is faith, holiness, history and tranquility all wrapped in one.

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Tourist Attraction

A Journey To Tigrai Is A Journey Back To Layer Of History Which Spanned A Period Of Three Thousand Years.

Aksum Cluster

Aksum cluster comprises of the Central Zone of Tigrai/excluding Degua Tembien Woreda / and the North Western Zone. This area is mainly known for.

Humera Cluster

Humera Cluster is situated to the West of Tigrai. It comprises Part of the woredas of the administrative Zone.

Maichew Cluster

Maichew Cluster is situated in Southern Tigrai. It comprises the woredas of the administrative Zone of Southern Tigrai .

Mekelle Cluster

Mekelle is the capital city of the regional state of Tigrai. The cluster includes the woredas at its vicinity: Enderta, .

Wukro Cluster

Wukro Cluster is predominantly well known for the collection of Rock-Hewn Churches. The cluster comprises .


Meskel has been celebrated in the country for over 1600 years. The word actually means ‘crosses in Ge’ez .

  • Aksum Cluster
  • Humera Cluster
  • Maichew Cluster
  • Mekelle Cluster
  • Wukro Cluster
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The Great Fallen Stele
The Church of abraha we atsbeha
Lake Hashege
Martyrs’ Memorial Monument and Museum
The Ancient Settlement in the Abyssinian Highlands of Tigrai
the monastery of Gunda gundo
emperor yohannes IV palace
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Foreign Testimonial

Exotic and unique in many instances, Tigrai is truly a tourist's paradise. It is simply an Open – Air Museum..

I have been in St. Marry of Zion in Axum in Hidar 20-22, 2008 E.C. along with my whole family. I was highly amused about the varieties of people coming from different corners of the world for prayer and also the number is too enormous. And people of the town are kind, supportive and peacekeeping. I am proud to be part of these wise and generous people ever.

quotes-image Visited November 2016

I was thinking that I would visit a small museum like any other in the area but something was absolutely different. I found hundreds of things, artifacts, and archaeological findings, so pure, original and intact. This museum is a "must-go" especially for those that love archaeology. If you ever visit Tigray, don't pass this Museum without a visit. It will be worth it.

quotes-image Visited November 2015

Domostic Testimonial

A journey to Tigrai is a journey back to layer of history which spanned a period of three thousand years.

We love to hike and don't mind heights so we got to enjoy the beautiful views along the way and certainly at the top. The church itself is lovely but as the old saying goes - it's as much about the journey as the destination. There are helpers along the way to show you the handholds and ropes are available for the bit of extra security. A must if you are in the area - don't miss it.

quotes-image Ato Gebre

The only reason to visit Axum has to be the stelae fields. These fascinating columns look like they were erected by giants. The tombs beneath are equally fascinating. Very atmospheric, especially at night when they are all lit up..

quotes-image UnKnown Visiter 2015


our dignity resides under the shelter of our culture!.

this church (Abreha we Atsibeha) has so many old books, a really enticing place to visit. Everyone welcomes you and happy to tell all the stories about it. I totally recommend tourists to go see this wonderful historical church.

quotes-image UnKnown Visiter

A journey to remember but not for the faint-hearted!! Precipitous drops, no barriers etc. - you need a good head for heights and you need to be in pretty good physical shape as there is a bit of roped climbing to do(Abune Yemaeta).

quotes-image UnKnown Visiter